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Wire Jewelry Instructions
Double Droplet Tutorial

Intermediate Level

Items Needed:

18 or 20 GA half hard round wire

8mm round bead

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

knitting needle (size 15 or 17) or some type of round mandrel material (pen, pencil, ring mandrel, etc)


1. Cut a 3" to 4" piece of wire.

2. Wrap wire around knitting needle 1 and a half turns.

              Wire should look like this:

3. Clip the 2 long wires about mid-way up the circle.

               Wire should look like this:  

4. Using flat nose pliers, bend the 2 short wires up at the crossover point. Open circle slightly at bend and gently squeeze sides (if necessary) to turn circle into an oval shape.

              It should look like this:

                                            and this:

                                            and this:

                                            and finally this:

5. Using your round nose pliers, fold the two wire ends down over the sides of the circle... leaving a small loop in the bend to insert connection wire of another jewelry piece into them at a later point.

              Wire should now look like this:

                              and this:

6. Using your flat nose pliers, bend the ends of the wires in towards each other. Clip ends if necessary to about 1/8" each side to hold bead.

              Wire should now look like this:

7. Place an 8mm bead onto the legs of the wires (in other words.... stick wire legs into the holes on either side of the bead).

              It should now look like this:


You have just completed the "Double Droplet" project.

Congratulate yourself, you did a terrific job!